Hens Night Melbourne

Hens Night Melbourne

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Ideas for Your Hen Party

The hen party has been part and parcel of getting married for decades, and like them or loathe them, they’re here to stay. What can be difficult is coming up with unique ideas to make your hen night one to remember.

If you’re struggling, fear not, as help is at hand. In this article, we’ll provide you with some great ideas and tips which will make you the talk of the town for months.

A Day Out at a Spa

Not the wildest of ideas but bear with us here. Not everyone enjoys drinking to excess and loud music, so if there are any quieter souls amongst you who would prefer a day filled with relaxation, you can’t go wrong with spa trip.

Most spas will offer bespoke packages that cater to large groups of people. You’ll be able to choose from a range of different treatments so there’s sure to be something for everyone.  Once you’ve all finished with your massages, you can finish the day off with a glass of champagne or two in the hot tub.

A Murder Mystery Evening

It might sound macabre but it really isn’t. Think Cluedo but far more fun. There are many venues that will be more than happy to host you and your hens for a night of themed entertainment.

These evenings usually involve a game which is played throughout the night and requires active participation for everyone involved. Clues as well as other hints and tips will be handed out throughout the night, guiding you all one step closer to finding out who did it.

Hotels are a great location for this type of event as you can stay overnight and not have to worry about wrapping up the entertainment too early.

An Activity Weekend

If you’re friends with a bunch of outdoorsy types, don’t underestimate how much you’ll all enjoy a weekend of activity where you engage in outdoor pursuits such as grown up climbing centres and forest trails.

If you find the right location, you might all like to spend a night or two glamping in one of the tents or yurts that are sure to be available.

A Mini Cruise

Depending on where you are in Australia, you might like to make use of one of the local watercourses which will usually offer a range of cruise packages. Lasting for no more than a day, you’ll be sailed around your river or body of water of choice where you can enjoy the onboard entertainment which is sure to include drink, dance and food.

Book Your Hen Night

Those of you living in Melbourne and the surrounding areas are in luck. There are several companies experienced in offering and planning a hen’s night in Melbourne which is sure to provide you and your friends a night to remember. Simply locate one of these companies by making use of the internet or a local directory where you’ll be able to learn more and make a booking.

Your hen party should provide a great start to married life, and for that reason, making sure you really enjoy the event should be paramount.

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