Discuss These Things Before Selecting Services For A BBQ Catering Event!

Discuss These Things Before Selecting Services For A BBQ Catering Event!

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Have a party at home? Plan to celebrate your promotion in style? Or it is a regular weekend where friends and family members are coming over for a reunion? Whatever the occasion may be, you need to ensure that your guests are having a good time, and for that, food is an important consideration. If you want to organize a BBQ event, you need to first find a caterer who can offer services according to your needs. Here are the important things you need to discuss.

The options – full-service catering vs. delivery

If your event is a small one with no more than fifty guests, you probably don’t need full-service catering. However, full-service catering is handy for serving your guests better. The caterers with their team and food will arrive on time, and they will take care of everything, right from the setup and servers to the buffet-style arrangements and cleanup. For the setup, they will get all the equipment, tableware and linens that are required for serving guests. Most of the known caterers can also arrange for dessert stations, bar services, and passed appetizers, besides basic BBQ catering.

Delivery services, on the other hand, is cheaper. Ready-to-serve food arrives at the venue with disposable ware, like plates, serving utensils and cutlery, so that you can serve your guests accordingly. Consider your guest list and the final budget before you take a call on this aspect.

Consider the menu

BBQ food tastes better when the supplies are local, freshly stocked and adequately cooked. As a client, you need to talk to the caterer about what they have on offer, both in terms of menu and meats. From juicy turkey breast and smoked ham, to fresh water duck cooked over slow flame and chicken sausages, the choices are many.  Most caterers have a few signature recipes, so it’s best to ask about those, especially if you want to curate a menu that’s exclusive and unique.

Pricing is an important factor, especially if you are low on budget. However, do not shy away from negotiating the final quote, and yes, if the caterer is experienced enough, paying a tad more is never a bad idea. Consider your requirements and guest expectations and place a booking now. For full-service catering, always book a week or more in advance, while delivery services must be booked at least 48 hours before the expected delivery time.

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