Celebrity Tattoos – Penelope Cruz

Celebrity Tattoos – Penelope Cruz

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LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 20: Actress Christina Ricci arrives at the 'Montblanc Signature for Good' Charity Initiative held at Paramount Studios on February 20, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Montblanc)

I am likely to start carrying out a publish or more per week about celebrity tattoos. For many unknown reason the planet appears to become excessively obsessive about celebrities and individuals need to know everything about the subject as well as their tattoos aren’t any different. So many people are curious to be aware what a few of their favorite celebrities have tattoos of and just what a number of them might mean.

Well I figured I’d begin with Penelope Cruz. I understand she is a type of random celebrity however i look at this interview together with her speaking about her tattoo. Or must i say the possible lack of speaking about her tattoo. Penelope appears to be really guarded about her tattoo and won’t reveal this is or significance behind it. Which to be honest she’s every to believe that way. But it’s just a little odd since most people prefer to share the storyline behind their tats. But when she would like to help keep hers private than all capacity to her.

This is how the job interview went,

Could it be true you have 883 inked in your ankle?

It is a fact, however i never say why.

Could it be a place code?

No, and it is not really a Harley-Davidson. It isn’t the various things which have been stated.

So everybody may have a theory?

I do not think anybody cares. It’s my very own tattoo.

And it is your personal ankle.


I suppose we can’t be aware of meaning behind the 883 on ther ankle. But for now I suppose all of us will have to keep guessing or trying to generate what it really might mean. However it does not appear like Penelope will confirm it also when we do guess the best factor.

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