A Guide to Discovering Great Young Actresses Under 20

A Guide to Discovering Great Young Actresses Under 20

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Finding the right actor or actress for any role is like striking lightning – doubly so if you’re looking to cast a part for a child or teenage role. For every Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson soon-to-be star, there are a whole host of child and teen acting performances which have gone down as notorious flops, often sinking their show or film along with it. When casting any kind of role, experience is often a big plus, but, again, this can be quite difficult to come by when dealing with actors or actresses so young.

Difficult, perhaps, but not impossible. So many of the best actors and actresses get started at a young age, helped along by formal training, early acting jobs, and an intense dedication towards growing their portfolio in every fashion possible.

As such, if you’re looking to hire an actress under 20, these identifying features can narrow down your search and catch lightning in a bottle with a truly electrifying young star.

Reviewing Range and Headshots

Headshots are a staple of the acting world. Every great actress has the ability to instantly connect with their audience. From the legendary Vivien Leigh and iconic Audrey Hepburn to the immersive prowess of Meryl Streep and modern brilliance of the aforementioned Emma Watson, the best actresses can say so much with a single expression. As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words, and a headshot can speak volumes about what any given actress can bring to a role. What’s more, the overall quality of the headshots themselves says something about the dedication a given actress has to her craft. They know that a headshot is their first chance at a positive and professional first impression.

Vibrant, professional, and even artistically-unique headshots are all great first signs that you’re onto someone truly special.

Stage, Screen, and Voice Work

That said, as stated, a great initial impression is just that – a first look at any given actress. Anyone who’s been involved in theatre, film, or the Arts in general can tell you that the first run-through of a play, first cut of a film, or first draft of a script is hardly enough to go on alone. You need to add to that foundation, and likewise the best actresses under 20 can back up that great first impression with a resume to match. Maybe they already have some stage work under their belt, from belting the songs to Les Misérables to spinning a Shakespearean soliloquy. Maybe they have some indie film work to their credit, and are looking to break through into the mainstream. Maybe they’ve done some voice work that can speak volumes as to their potential and power as an up-and-comer.

Whatever the case may be, “All the World’s a Stage,” and the best young actresses are true artists who truly know how to make that world – and any role – utterly their own!

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